Sound recording

Put simply, Sound recording basically records everything that you hear on your speakers.

This is e.g. helpful to record a playlist with encrypted audio content which cannot be captured with the Internet media recording functionality.

To run sound recording

  1. Switch to the Capture view. Click Sound recording with tagging.
  2. Required: Mind the instructions that are displayed. Then click OK. The sound recording functionality is now switched on and Audials One captures your sound card's output.
  3. Listen to the audio file you want to record. When you listen to several audio files with a detectable gap of silence between them, the files are automatically split and displayed as separate items.
All played back audio content is displayed in the list. Find your finished recorded audio files in the player.
Click Stop to switch off the sound recording functionality. You can now resume using your sound card without recording its output.

Continuous sound recording

You can also choose to run sound recording in continuous mode: this will record only a single output file, instead of splitting files, automatically.

To record in continuous mode

  1. Switch to the Capture view. Open the Sound recording drop-down menu and select Sound recording continuously.
  2. Follow steps 2 to 3 as described above.